Shawn McGuire is a devoted husband to Anna and father to Paul, Lauren, and Michael. They live in the small town of Summitville, IN. Shawn was a Police Officer for the city of Marion, IN for 16 years before he realized that his tote hobby had become a full-time job and he needed to be closer to home. Summitville was in search of a Town Marshal at this time and Shawn and his family decided that this would be the perfect time for him seek yet another opportunity in being closer to home for his business, family, and a town he loves.

In 2007 Shawn was in search of a tote for personal use. When he finally found one the gentleman told him he had to take all ten sitting outside not just one. Reluctantly, Shawn took them and decided to use a website that he had heard of called “Craigslist” to sell the totes on. He found that not only were people around him looking for the totes, but also people all over the USA needed them. He spent a lot weekends traveling around the Midwest delivering and picking up totes all the while trying to develop a system to properly clean and dry the totes to meet customers requirements. In 2013 the tote company Shawn started in his barn needed more space so after searching he found a larger facility to run his business properly. Superior Tote Solutions now occupies 15 acres and has plenty of room to grow.

Shawn also saw a real opportunity in logistics. In the fall of 2014 he purchased Superior Transportation Solutions with one truck to help with the daily need of shipping for Superior Tote Solutions. Since that purchase Shawn has added several local venders to ship for as well as adding six more trucks.